E-PowerBarrow, electric wheelbarrow

This website provides pre-sales and after sales information for users and resellers about the electric wheelbarrow, E-PowerBarrow. Here you can find specifications, where to buy, service information and media. 

The E-PowerBarrow is an electric-powered wheelbarrow that can transport 150Kg of load under various circumstances. The 430 Watt hub motor produces 130Nm of torque which makes it a very powerful tool. Optional supporting wheels will protect your back against injuries. An ergonomic designed electro galvanized frame offers the best steel protection in any circumstances. The different bins are made of UV protected HDPE materials or metal. The size can vary from 100 liters up to 160 liters.  With the thumb controlled joystick the wheelbarrow can be moved with variable speed forward and reverse. An electronic brake will make sure a heavy load can be brought down without loosing control.

The E-PowerBarrow is a joint venture between three companies; Altrad Fort Tiel Netherlands, DaviLot | E-Kruiwagen Zutphen Netherlands and Macauto Taiwan. The development of this wheelbarrow took us two years. We have been extensively testing the various pre-release models until we could not find anything to improve. We hope that many will enjoy working with this powerful tool. It gives the possibility to transport more in less time, to drive on surface where you never could drive a wheelbarrow before. It reliefs your body and can safely bring a heavy load down the hill.

Logo Altrad Fort...........it's probably the best electric wheelbarrow ever built!